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What it Means to be a Successful Entrepreneur

At some point in our lives, we dream of one day owning our own business so we can be our own boss and play by our own rules. While being your own boss sounds like the greatest thing in the world, it is actually a living hell. From juggling the responsibility of wearing multiple hats within your business, you are still responsible for generating a profit. In the catering industry, there is immense stress for making sure that every detail is perfect, because you are a part of people’s major life celebrations. There are many variables that are out of human control, but you still have to create perfection with what you have. You can NEVER show a drop of sweat. 

A little bit of advice from one entrepreneur to another: in order to be successful, you will face failure. You will stare failure straight in the face. The important takeaway from this is how you bounce back from it. As an entrepreneur, you can not let a failure define you or make you fearful of failing again, because you will not be successful if you do so. You have to pick yourself up, put yourself back together, and make yourself BETTER! It is vital to always have a dream that is constantly growing and not being afraid to make mistakes/fail. 

To this point, I have been very blunt with you, but there is always a bright side. Although, being an entrepreneur involves a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, it is one of the most rewarding business ventures ever. To be so passionate about something and see it pay off, is a feeling like no other. Being an entrepreneur makes you appreciate every small detail, because it is YOUR personal brand. Own it!


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